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These originals are Blue Exorcist.

Blue Exorcist’s Hentai Manga

Obey Me!!
Izumo Kamiki
Manga Night Exxxorcist
Shiemi Moriyama

Blue Exorcist’s Hentai CG

Izumo Kamiki | Shiemi Moriyama | Shura Kirigakure
A Day With Izumo: Secret Devil’s Mischief
many character
Red Exorcist
many character
Teach Me! Shura Sensei DX
Shura Kirigakure
Red Exorcist 2
Shiemi Moriyama | Shura Kirigakure

Blue Exorcist’s Character

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Blue Exorcist’s Japan infomation

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Blue Exorcist’s trivia

Blue Exorcist is called “青の祓魔師” in Japan.
“青” is Blue, and “祓魔師” is Exorcist.

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